Since the founding of Goldair Group of Companies in 1955 until today, its leadership, shareholders and dedicated workforce have shared a common vision that has laid the foundation, inspiration and driving force for the Group’s continuous development and prosperity. The common objective was, and continues to be, excellence in all areas of business.

Through a well-structured policy strategy which focuses on the systematic and studied use of principles and quality management tools, Goldair Group is continuously improving at all levels of operation, always following the highest standards of safety and quality.

Τhis continuous effort to achieve business excellence has played a defining role in ensuring and maintaining the company’s course of development, despite the difficult and volatile conditions that it has faced in the modern, multidimensional economic environment that it has operated in throughout the years.

Through constantly evolving the services that it offers, strengthening its human resources, aiming at innovation, high efficiency and competitive advantage, Goldair Group has exceeded its customers’ expectations and with the passing of every year, is ever closer to fulfilling its vision. A vision which is not only limited to maintaining Goldair Group’ power and business excellence in the Greek and international markets, but also a binding promise to continue growing, becoming stronger and contributing to creating a prosperous, business future for future generations.