Looking back I would say that Our Group is the result of a life’s work, a life’s work which has gone through a long course that has witnessed extremely difficult financial and politically abnormal conditions which however, have all been surpassed.

I believe that the main component of our success is the long term view of our relations with partners and respecting the mutual benefits that our relations create. We have always depended upon our partners – employees, executives, customers – with whom we have moved forward taking joint initiatives on current as well as strategic issues. Additionally, we have launched renewal and restructuring processes that have enabled us to maintain our competitiveness and sustainable development. We believe and support business extroversion which is confirmed by the important agreements that have been made in the Group’s companies and are indeed still taking place despite the difficult financial and political conditions, especially over the last five years.

We applied the principle of our founder D.Golemis: “Progressive Thinking, Innovative Action, Hard Work”

I believe that our long-term ever progressing presence has vindicated us. We will continue, always working carefully and methodically so that we can set the bar higher and higher.

Stelios Golemis