The action program of Goldair Group of Companies directly focuses on tackling social and environmental issues with a view to improving the standard of living and quality of life. In closely following the Corporate Social Responsibility Code of Conduct, a company policy is applied consistently and responsibly which is committed towards the development and continued contribution to our society and environment.

Goldair Group of Companies’ actions and initiatives:

• We provide Hope: Active participation in social volunteer programs in collaboration with TNT Greece, November 2014.
On the occasion of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, Goldair Group supported the program “We Provide Hope“, through actions such as gathering food items with a long shelf life, hygiene and personal care items, clothing, footwear, books, school supplies and toys, which were then donated to 17 institutions in Attica, Thessaloniki and Heraklion. These essential items were gathered in Goldair Handling’s central warehouses and sent to TNT Greece’s office for the necessary classification and transfer to institutions and non-profit organizations, which support families with documented needs.

• Redevelopment and Restoration Projects: Goldair Group contributed to the redevelopment and restoration project of the “Prasses” traditional settlement in the Municipality of Rethymnon, 2010-2014.
After 4 years participation and funding the project, the restoration of the village’s historic stone houses as well as the refurbishment of four newer buildings was eventually concluded. The project’s objective was to highlight the buildings’ historical value through restoring their traditional architecture to the benefit of the settlement and, as a result, tourism.

• We fight for ELPIDA, we win Life: Goldair Tourism made a significant contribution to the Association of Greek Olympians event, April 2014.
Embracing the value of volunteering, Goldair Tourism actively participated in organizing this event involving the Greek Olympian Association, the Hellenic Association of Veteran Basketball Players and the PTA of the 1st Elementary School of Peristeri. The charity basketball game which was held at the “Andreas Papandreou” Sports Hall was part of the Olympians campaign to spread the message of volunteerism for the new “Orama Elpidas” Volunteer Bone Marrow Donor Registry.

• Supporting the Kefalonia earthquake victims: Collecting and sending relief items from Goldair Group, March 2014.
Following the initiative of the Goldair Group’ employees, seven boxes and one pallet with food and other necessities were gathered which were sent from Goldair Cargo in Kefalonia and distributed in the affected areas by Goldair Handling itself.

• Hearts for Hope: Goldair Group’ voluntary donation to children, December 2012.
Collecting food, clothing, footwear and personal hygiene items, stationary and toys and donating them to the following: Pentelis Patriotic Institute for Social Welfare and Understanding, Voula Patriotic Institute for Social Welfare and Understanding, Lyreio Children Foundation, Dromokraiteo, Hatzikyriakeio Child Care Institution, 18th Elementary Shool Aharnon and Medicins du Monde. Following an emotional response and impressive participation from the Group’s employees, shareholders, partners and friends, Goldair Group was able to collect over 20 tons of products which were then distributed to the above institutions with the objective of improving the living conditions of the children being cared for.

• March 2015: Polish Catholic Ware Memorial restoration project: Goldair, through the President of Goldair Group’s consulship at the Consulate of the Republic of Poland in Heraklion/Crete, undertook the restoration project for the Polish Catholic War Memorial in Rethymno.

• April 2015: Volunteer Environmental Action: Goldair Handling in Araxos, took part in the Niforeika Beach cleaning in Achaia, that was organised by the local Cultural Association.

Alongside Goldair Group’s philanthropic initiatives and contribution to society and the environment, with actions as recyclying and reforestation, the Group also participates in the following as donations of essential items to schools and volontary non profit organizations, periodically and donations of technological equipment – computers and printers to public schools.

Additionally Goldair Handling has created the “Postive Action” blood bank at the Red Cross hospital where the Group’s employees give blood every six months.