Goldair Group of Companies’ structure is based on a management model in which human resources are considered its most valuable asset. Since the founding of the Group in 1955, it has cultivated a humanistic philosophy which focuses on the rights, safety and development of employees, whilst maintaining a very sensitive attitude towards the general public and the environment.

Over the years and with the global emergence of Corporate Social Responsibility, Goldair Group was amongst the first group of companies that quickly implemented a responsible and organized corporate policy benefitting both society and the environment.

Through closely following the complex web of laws, values and actions that govern Corporate Social Responsibility, Goldair has adopted the statutory code of business conduct and ethics in all of its activities and initiatives.

Working with responsibility, diligence and sensitivity, Goldair Group has developed a management model and an action plan that extends to both internal and external causes which aims at continuously improving working conditions as well as protecting human rights and the environment through contributing to local societies.

Motivated by creating a better future for future generations, the Group focuses on social actions which are educational, cultural and environmental in character, while integrating Sustainable Development into the very heart of its activities, thereby contributing significantly to the improvement of living standards and the quality of life in our society.