For Goldair Group of Companies, people are its most important asset and constitute one of the decisive factors behind it lengthy, leading presence in both Greek and international markets. In turn, Goldair Group’ corporate culture and management model provides its employees with a means to their own professional development.
Having developed a sense of responsibility towards progress and prosperity, Goldair Group offers over 3,000 direct and indirect jobs and has created an environment based on trust, security, stability and meritocracy for its employees, whilst protecting their labor rights.

We believe that our human resources’ potential is maximized through the provision of continuous communication, training and mentoring, showing confidence in initiative and supporting new ideas and innovations. Our people have specialized knowledge and experience in the broad field of tourism and transport and continuously develop their skills and abilities with the help of educational programs, seminars and self-assessment methods. Our employees’ active involvement in achieving the business goals of Goldair Group’s companies, not only results in a positive engagement in the Group’s development but their very own personal professional development.

Based on common goals and mutual benefits, the valuable interaction between management and staff  leads to business excellence and recognition.